Annual Pre-Derby party

The Kentucky Society brings the best of the Derby to the District! Every year, the Kentucky Society puts on a Derby celebration complete with big hats, burgoo, mint juleps, Bluegrass music, bourbon balls, and much more to celebrate the world-famous Run for the Roses. 


We are working to bring back our beloved Derby celebration for 2021!

Until we meet again, give our tried-and-true Mint Julep recipe a try:

Mint Julep

2oz Bourbon

1/2 oz Simple Syrup

5 Sprigs Mint

Combine bourbon and simple syrup in shaker.

Add in 12 leaves of mint; muddle.

Shake vigorously without ice.

Pack julep cup full of crushed ice and strain over ice.

Top with more ice to create a mound.

Smack bouquet of mint sprigs against back of hand.

Garnish with mint and dust with powdered sugar

For a nonalcoholic option, substitute bourbon for black tea or coffee