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Cherry Blossom Festival

Thank you to Hannah Edelen,

Kentucky's 2022 Cherry Blossom Princess!


Each year, we sponsor one candidate to represent Kentucky in the annual National Conference of State Societies Cherry Blossom Festival. This year's Cherry Blossom Princess Program ran from April 3 to April 9. 

Information on the 2023 Cherry Blossom Festival is coming soon.

Hello everyone! My name is Hannah Edelen, and I am honored to be representing Kentucky at the Cherry Blossom Festival this year! I currently work as a 24-year-old public school teacher in northern Kentucky where I teach 6th grade Social Studies and English. I am also finishing my Master’s in Education Policy and Evaluation this spring at the University of Kentucky.


For my undergrad, I attended Northern Kentucky University where I served as a member on the Board of Regents, a student body president, a member of Kappa Delta Sorority, and became the first in my family to graduate college. I deeply value education, empowerment, and service to others. When I am not teaching or studying, I am working within my community and across the state to create greater access to reading materials. I currently have and work on a personal initiative called Read Ready Kentucky, inspired by the local efforts within my community in Covington. Through this initiative, I have worked to get books into the hands of many students across the Commonwealth!


I am looking forward to all the festivities in April and am excited to representing the Commonwealth of Kentucky on the national level.

You can follow my journey on Instagram, Facebook, or LinkedIn!

For more questions about the Cherry Blossom Festival, please email our President and visit the NCSS Cherry Blossom Program.

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